Lobbying and advocacy

We actively engage in lobbying for policy reviews and changes that eliminate barriers and ensure equal opportunities for the private sector in providing quality, affordable, and accessible healthcare. We also advocate for the representation of private health sector partners in key government initiatives, such as the Public-Private Sector Dialogue Forum (PPDF) and Ministry of Health (MOH) technical working groups

Training and Capacity Building

We prioritize the training and capacity building of private health sector actors. Our expertise allows us to co-design and provide input into MOH training packages, ensuring that training programs are tailored to the specific needs of the private sector. By enhancing knowledge and skills, we empower healthcare providers to deliver optimal services. .

Awareness Raising and Information Dissemination

We conduct health campaigns to raise awareness about critical health issues. Through strategic information sharing, we ensure that valuable knowledge reaches healthcare providers and the public, fostering a better understanding of key healthcare matters. .

Multisector Collaboration

We actively seek opportunities to foster collaboration between the private and public sectors. By bringing together diverse stakeholders, we facilitate the exchange of ideas, resources, and expertise, ultimately enhancing the overall healthcare landscape.

High-Impact Projects

We identify and pursue public-private partnerships to deliver projects that generate significant positive outcomes for private and public health sector actors. By leveraging the strengths and resources of different sectors, we maximize the impact of these initiatives.

Health Financing

We are committed to increasing access to health financing for private-sector health providers. Through strategic engagements and partnerships with financial institutions, such as banks, we work towards creating pathways for sustainable and affordable financing options.